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logo_jandy.gif (1248 bytes) As a member of Jandy's Pro-Edge Builder group,we choose their family of products for supreme water clarity in filters, quiet and efficient pumps and the latest in heater technology. RS model control systems automate components for ease of operation. Each component of the Jandy System is designed to work at its maximum efficiency when partnered with other Jandy productss.




 Aquapure  water purification system from Jandy utilizes water softening technology to provide silky smooth water for swimming. Say goodbye to ordinary chlorine feeders and storage of dry chlorine forever.

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Polaris pressure side cleaners eliminate the weekly chore of vacuuming manually. Watch it clean your pool every day-automatically! This is the ultimate pool valet!



 Savi Melody LED pool and spa lighting from Nexxus Lighting. 12 volt LED lighting can be used in place of traditional incandescent lights for longer lasting life and color changing capability.
Perfect solution for existing pools when renovating or for new construction.  Uses less energy!



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Meyco Safety Covers  are custom fit to any size or shape swimming pool. An excellent addition for safety with kids and pets. Colors are available in green,blue or black.


Cover Pools is the originator of the automatic safety cover. Reduce heat, chemical use, debris and most important provide a safe environment on your property. A choice of fabric colors allows you to match your pool surroundings easily.




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Natural Chemistry treats your water with a 100% biodegradable all natural enzyme. Keeps your water crystal clear and sweet smelling. Prolongs filter life, reduces shocking and prevents filter plugging by scum and oils. Pool Perfect and Spa Perfect is available for all pools and spas.

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