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When you are ready to give your swimming pool and its surroundings a fresh look, our experience and professionalism will guide you through a transformation process that will enhance your backyard living.

We offer patio surfaces of natural stone, brick pavers of all shapes and sizes for all pool types. Coping choices are nearly limitless.
For concrete pools we can provide sandblasting, tile, coping and plaster finishes as well major structural repairs. We feature
exposed aggregate finishes such as Hydrazzo or Diamond Brite in vast color choices for a longer lasting and durable finish over traditional plaster.

Complete filter equipment replacement, heaters, additions of pool lighting and pool side hot tubs are just a few of the items we can add to your pool!
We can provide complete site planning, landscaping as well as handling of all town permit applications. All projects are owner supervised and performed with experienced company staff.

Let us re-design your backyard and turn it into an ultimate paradise!

Check out some of our projects from start to finish !
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Natural stone waterfalls constructed for pleasure of site and sound!

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Perhaps a bubbling hot tub to sooth aching muscles or for just plain relaxation                   
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Your invited to call for any ideas and quotes for improving your pool area

Evening and weekend appointments are available

(201) 573-1120