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Creating a fun, family oriented environment for your family in your backyard is just one of our many  priorities. The safety factor though should not be neglected!
We highly recommend layers of protection around your pool to give you peace of mind.

Listed below are products and information concerning creating a safe environment around your swimming pool. Please take the few minutes to read this information.                                                                         

Did you know drowning is one of the largest causes of accidental death for American kids under the age of five?
One way to prevent kids from getting into the pool area is to install a protective barrier.
Protect A Child Pool Fencing is a removable lightweight but durable removable safety fence that will certainly qualify. This transparent 4' high fence prevents tiny fingers and toes from climbing, keeps toys from passing through or underneath and can be fit to any pool shape. It can be easily removed by an adult in minutes!
This safety fence in no way replaces adult supervision, but will certainly deter any kids from the pool area.


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The Meyco Safety Cover , the original safety cover can be custom made to fit any size or shape swimming pool commercial or residential.
The Emotron PSP20tis probably the single biggest advancement in safety technology for swimming pools and spas today. This unit is different than any other safety device on the market. It senses a change in a motor's amperage and immediately shuts down. Now matter if it's a main drain, skimmer or wall suction becomes blocked, the PSP20 will be activated.
Why the big concern? Across the U.S. and here in New Jersey children and teenagers have been permanently injured or have lost their lives due to entrapment related incidents in swimming pools, wading pools and hot tubs.

                  CODE ALERT

The Virginia-Graeme Baker Pool and Safety Act was signed into December 17, 2007. It requires all swimming pools residential, commercial, public or private to have a Safety Release Vacuum System installed (SRVS). Also approved drain covers with a VGB stamp must replace existing covers. Drains must also be installed on new pools and spas with a minimum distance of 3'between them.
For more information call us-we know the code!



The PSP20 we feel is a must for all public facilities, hotels and private town pools and private pools. Protection for bathers should be a #1 priority.
contact us for a free consultation and evaluation. Let us know if you need specific questions answered or would like to receive information.



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